Quick & Easy Breakfast Options

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First, here’s what NOT to eat … (the sleazily-named) “Breakfast” Bars

The worst thing you can do is to start your day with a so-called breakfast bar.

(Yes, even worse than skipping breakfast completely, but that’s another story.)

When you eat a typical breakfast bar, your blood sugar rises. Sure, that may feel fine for a couple of hours, but eventually your body over-compensates and drops your blood sugar even lower than it was when you woke up. Not good.

We call this the Blood Glucose Roller Coaster.

This leads to mid-day blahs and can make you grumpy, irritable – and hungry again.

If you feel some mental need to have some form of cereal in the morning, make it oatmeal instead. And not the instant stuff, but the real kind (steel cut).

And here’s a time-saving trick…

Mix the oatmeal and water in Tupperware, and stick it in the refrigerator overnight. Then in the morning, add another dash of water, then pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes. Done!

Better yet …

Have Eggs

C’mon, scrambling eggs in a teflon pan takes virtually no time at all. Plus, I like to chop my veggies up right after a grocery store trip so they’re omelet-ready. Quick and easy.

And don’t waste your time separating yolks from whites! Most of the vitamins and minerals are in the yolks.


I used to think it was a ridiculously indulgent over-convenience, plus I was unduly proud of both my boiling AND peeling prowess, but …

I’ve found the hard-cooked peeled eggs available at most grocery stores (definitely Wegman’s and Giant) to be invaluable. Try them.

A Protein Smoothie May Be Your Best Option

I (former mechanical engineer, remember) think the NutriBullet is one of the greatest inventions ever. Honest. If you don’t have one, any high-quality blender will certainly do.

(Remember the cheap ones that would die right in the middle of your daiquiri party way back?)

Frankly, I rotate between Prograde Protein and a Sam’s Club product, although Sam’s recently changed to a yucky AND carb-ier brand.

In our Lean Lifestyle Program, one of the Healthly Habits we help you with is having protein (done!), veggies and healthy fat every time you eat.

Believe it or not, you can add a surprising amount of raw spinach to your smoothie without tasting it at all.

Not brave enough to add spinach yet? Go with frozen berries to start. They add coldness (far tastier than plain ice) and texture to your smoothie, and are more like veggies (that’s a stretch, though) than starchy fruits like bananas.

A quick clean-up tip I discovered [the hard way] is to rinse the blender jar immediately after you make your shake.

Although there are definite health benefits to adding seeds like chia seeds and flax seeds, you’ll probably want to avoid adding them in the blender. (They get stuck everywhere!)

To add a healthy fat to your “meal,” simply eat your seeds and/or nuts separately. I find this leaves me more satiated (at least, mentally) than mixing them in with a smoothie.

You probably know I’ve been a proud supporter and customer of Prograde products since their inception years ago.

I’ve worked out a deal so you can try Prograde Workout (their pre-/post-exercise protein powder FREE.

Click the image below for your FREE Trial of Prograde Workout




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