Common Signs That You Should See a Doctor After a Sports Injury

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While there are certain types of sports injuries that will send you to the emergency room right away, other injuries may leave you dealing with aches and pains for a few days at home. The team doctor and other medical professionals near the field or court can do a quick consultation and decide if you need x-rays or other tests. What happens if you hurt yourself while taking a run or while playing basketball with friends though? Even if you have no medial experience or training, you can look for signs that you should see a doctor or visit a sports therapy treatment center.

Joint Problems

Some of the more common signs that you should see a doctor after a sports injury relate to your joints. The most common sign is inflammation. Inflammation or swelling of the joint can indicate a deep tissue injury that requires proper treatment. You may also experience a problem called locking. This can make the joint lock in place and make it nearly impossible for you to move. If you notice any issues with walking or standing, you should also see a doctor. Certain injuries can make the joint give out when you move.

Pain in the Upper Body

Twisting too quickly to grab the ball can strain your back or sprain your neck muscles. That is why it’s so important that you see a doctor after experiencing any type of pain in the upper back. Pain that shoots or radiates from your lower back to your hips, knees, buttocks and feet may indicate damage to the sciatic nerve. Pain that shows through the upper back and neck may relate to a muscle sprain or even whiplash. Depending on the sports you play, pain in the upper body can even relate to a concussion.

Movement Issues

If you frequently play sports, you know how important your range of motion is to your overall performance. Certain injuries can limit your range of motion and make it difficult to move the way you want to move. You may find that you cannot bend your arm or extend your leg as far as you could before, or you may notice that you cannot move as quickly and fluidly as you did before the injury. Seeing a sports doctor helps you receive a diagnosis for your injury and learn about the best treatments for that injury.

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