An Easy Way (Really!) to Double Your Results


Want a fitness industry secret for quick and easy weight loss? In fact, this simple trick is scientifically proven to double your results. For six months, 1,685 people just like you kept food diaries and were advised to exercise and eat a healthy diet. By the end of the study, the participants had lost an […]

Supplements Baby Boomers Need for Faster Recovery from Workouts


One major difference between workouts for us Baby Boomers and workouts for youngsters [you know, kids in their 30’s] is recovery. The faster you recover between your workouts, the faster you’ll be able to get back into the gym again and put in good effort. This in turn leads to faster progress. But, if you […]

Use This for Faster Fat Loss


At my gym in Timonium we recommend starting with four supplements to optimize your fat loss In order of importance Multi-vitamin Krill oil Whey Protein Green drink Pick your foods wisely and you can settle for #2. OK – I’ve done my job! However … there’s been great interest in this: “Clinical Tests Show Prograde […]

How Many Calories Needed per Day?


(Overly-)Concerned about “calories needed per day,” “maintenance calories,” or counting calories PERIOD?

Here’s a simpler and even more effective solution to make sure you’re eating the right amount of food for fat loss (without starvation).

No fancy scales or phone apps needed – just your hand!

Why Krill Oil Over Standard Fish Oil

Omega-3 for you

Did you know Krill Oil is as much as 43 times more effective than standard fish oil? Here’s why you should go with Krill Oil over regular fish oil …

Quick List of Protein Options for Fastest Fat Loss


So many people ask me questions about protein (including my assistant, Amy, who I assumed could virtually read my mind by now), I finally realized I was taking too much for granted. So here’s a quick list of protein sources (painfully without editorial comments Top Protein Sources include: Beef Chicken Turkey Pork Bison Fish and […]