In over 33 years of award-winning experience Stephen has helped literally thousands of exercisers make their workouts both more productive and time-effective through his web sites and workshops.

The American Council on Exercise named Stephen the 2003 Personal Trainer of the Year.

In 1999, the Internet’s largest advice site named him Expert of the Year.

Stephen’s advice has appeared in over two dozen national publications including Shape, Fitness, Health, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Fit, Women’s Sports and Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Outside, Men’s Health, Marie Claire, Ebony, Personal Trainer, and Success.

“This is the only workout that has ever worked for me. I have lost 20 pounds and plan to follow Stephen’s approach for the rest of my life.

I am like everyone else in that I am looking for the most effective total body workout, but do not want to spend hours in the gym trying to achieve those goals, and Stephen’s program delivers fast, safe, and effective results in half the time.

There is no doubt Stephen has changed my life and my approach to fitness.

I’m confident that if you combine Stephen’s program with drinking plenty of water and a well-balanced diet, you will achieve your fitness goals, too.

I could continue on forever about how Stephen has changed my life and what an impact his program has made on me.”
– Lisa McDonald
Bel Air, MD

“It’s hard to describe what a difference Stephen’s 3-4-5 System has made in my overall well-being.

I’m now stronger, leaner and have decreased my body fat from 23% to 12%. I have more energy and now look forward to my workouts.

Stephen’s 3-4-5 Total Body Strength Training System has been the only workout that’s changed my body.”
– Kathy Jones
Parkton, MD

“Stephen Holt’s 3-4-5 Total Body Fitness System has made a tremendous difference in my body – particularly in the strength I’ve gained and the inches I’ve lost.

Over the past eight years I have tried different classes, different personal trainers, nutritionists, etc. and for the 1st time I have truly seen a difference in my body.

I’ve recommended Stephen’s system to everyone I know.”
– Debbie Thacker
Sparks, MD

“Committed to improving lives”
– in nomination for Leukemia Society Man of the Year Award

“Personifies what it means to live in this country”
– Keith Mills, 2News sportscaster

“Stephen Holt is indeed a leader who will be long be remembered as part of the origin of the fitness profession.”
– Dr. Sal A. Arria, President, National Board of Fitness Examiners

“A credit to the fitness industry”
– American Council on Exercise

“I am heartened to hear of your efforts. Keep up the good work.”
– The Honorable Barbara Mikulski, United States Senator, Maryland

“We need more dedicated trainers like you representing this great profession.”
– Sandy Todd Webster, Executive Editor, IDEA Personal Trainer

“Informative and interesting”
“A leader in the field of sports medicine”

– American Running Association

“I appreciate your excellence, knowledge, and outstanding commitment to your profession. You remain a shining star.”
– Douglas Brooks, author of: Effective Strength Training, Your Personal Trainer, and Going Solo: The Art of Personal Training

“Thanks for your leadership in strength training. You set an excellent professional model.”
– Dr. Wayne Westcott, Ph.D.

“A more logical way of achieving fitness”
– Baltimore Sun